Angelo Gioffre

Salsa Fusion • Afro Cuban • Salsa

Angelo Gioffre

Salsa Fusion • Afro Cuban • Salsa



Angelo Gioffrè started dancing at the age of 9 Latin American, Standard, and Caribbean dances.

A few years later he began a 4-year course with Master Alberto Valde.

At 16 he registered at MAS academy- Music Art and Show- where he graduated at the age of 20 as a professional dancer.

At the same time, during the academy period, Angelo joined the company of master Maykel Fonts, allowing him to dance, for 8 years, in the most famous Latin Event around the world.

After that, for two years, he was part of a world tour with the Irish musical Heartbeat of home, performing in the main theaters of China, Canada, and America.

At the age of 23, Angelo started his second dance academy (area dance program G. A. C.) where he got his degree in ballet.

During all these years, he never stops studying the Afro-Cuban dances and culture.

Today Angelo has his own company -Angelo Gioffrè Dance company- that performs in the main congresses of world salsa panorama!


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