Fadi Fusion

Men Styling • Musicality • Body Movement • Salsa

Fadi Fusion

Men Styling • Musicality • Body Movement • Salsa



Fadi Fusion started dancing Salsa and Bachata 21 years ago in Vitoria (Spain).

He is famous for his unique style, sharp powerful footwork, and amazing musicality. He is also known for his fusion jazz and fusion hip-hop.

Fadi moved to Madrid ( Spain ) to share his passion for salsa in addition to learning other dance styles.

After his 1st performance, his journey started. First, he got invited to symposium Madrid Salsa Congress and shortly after to Holland in order to teach and perform his first solo show.

After an awesome workshop in Holland, he got an offer to live there and teach Salsa. He stayed for 2 years before moving back to Malaga ( Spain ).

Fadi currently lives in Burgos (Spain). He travels all around the world to teach and perform as an international artist, sharing his knowledge with many dancers.

He took part in more than 100 international festivals between Europe, America, and Asia and became famous for his Fusion style and musicality.


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