Sanja Stulic

Stretching for Dancers • Reggaeton, Dance Hall & Afro Mix • Salsa • Heels

Sanja Stulic

Stretching for Dancers • Reggaeton, Dance Hall & Afro Mix • Salsa • Heels



Do you want to improve your overall dance techniques through various dance styles?

Do you wish to perfect your lines, build your confidence while building your strength condition and flexibility?

If your answer is YES, then Sanja Stulic dance classes and workout/stretching programs are just what you need.

Sanja Stulic is a dance performer, instructor, and choreographer in salsa, bachata, kizomba, urban choreography, heels, afro beats, dancehall…

She has been dancing since her early childhood -27 years in total.

She first started with Latin and ballroom dances and accomplished top results both on the national and international levels.

This success was followed by her mastering salsa, bachata, kizomba, and other dances in the international social dance scene.

For the past sixteen years, she has taught and performed internationally at renowned regional and world dance festivals.

Her knowledge of various dance forms and extensive experience has defined the development of her dance and teaching: A fusion of different styles accompanied by musical diversity.

In her unique dance pedagogy, Sanja enables her students to obtain solid and confident techniques in numerous dance styles in an approachable and skillful manner.

She also instructs her students to explore their possibilities with confidence and reach new heights while making good use of all the preparation, overcoming mistakes when they arise, and concentrating fully on the overall expression and performance itself.

She is a dedicated teacher who helps each and every individual perform at their best whereas very patient and understanding of her students' learning pace.

With her partner Dejan Stosic, Sanja won several awards

· Four-time National Salsa champions

· Bachata State champions

· Argentine tango National champions

· Three-time National Latin show champions

· Ballroom show State champions

· Five-time Balkan dancehall crew champions

· Seven-time urban crew National champions


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