Shelina Donkers

Salsa • Body Movement

Shelina Donkers

Salsa • Body Movement



This young woman is a very talented, sensual dancer.

Shelina started performing at a very young age, it was very clear that she had dancing in her blood. With her partner at that time, she won several prizes.

Since then she travels the world to attend congresses where she keeps on learning and refining her dancing skills because standing still is not an option for her.

Her dance classes are characterized by the elegant feminine touch she gives to body movements.

Shelina combines beautiful arm movements with quick footwork and femininity as a finishing touch. Salsa with a touch of seduction is why dancers love her as a teacher.

Now she has her own dance school, “The Latin Dance Studio” in The Netherlands Eindhoven, where she and her brother (Glenn Donkers) translate her passion for dancing into clear and cozy classes.


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